Elsiabeth Moss Still Dodging True Detective Rumors


Well, this particular rumor just won’t quit. Most people seem to agree that True Detective’s second season needs some more focus on female characters, and not so long ago Elisabeth Moss was rumored to be coming to the rescue. But we’ve been playing this game for some time, and now it seems more up in the air than ever before.

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The NY Post reports that at Gotham Magazine’s fall fashion party, Moss once again toyed with said rumors.

"“It’s hard to get sick of something that’s super-flattering…But they are just rumors. Everyone else knows more about it than I do, apparently! But it’s nice to have your name mentioned for anything, especially something so good.”"

Which is very close to she’s been saying pretty much the entire time. It’s neither a confirmation nor a denial, and it’s hard to twist every non-denial into a confirmation. It appears that we still know nothing, but neither does she, so there is some strange comfort in that face.

She wasn’t above joking about the situation though:

"“It’s time for a good female part”"

Was reportedly said with a laugh. A nice touch. We are currently rooting for Moss, but it may be a while before we get some concrete information on this one.