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True Detective Season 2 Casting Catch-up


We know that the casting situation for True Detective’s second season is still fluid, and that can make things a little hard to keep track of. Many actors have so far been rumored to be a part of the second season but we it hasn’t been easy trying to get a denial or confirmation out of any of them.

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An early exception to this role was Jessica Chastain, one of the original rumored actors. She ended up flatly denying her involvement, but the situation for others on the list hasn’t been so easy to define. Here’s what we’re looking at currently, and whether or not any movement has been made:

  • Colin Farrell – as far we know he’s still in. That’s if he was ever truly considering the role in the first place.
  • Taylor Kitsch – No movement on him either, so currently up in the air.
  • Vince Vaughn – The most recently rumored male actor. If we’re still looking at three leads (2 males one female) something is already amiss.
  • Michelle Forbes – Possibly not up for a leading role per-say, but nothing’s been said since the initial rumor.
  • Elisabeth Moss – This one won’t go away and Moss has been playing coy.
  • Rachel McAdams – The Most recent female actor.

This list doesn’t include those that were said to at one point be related or those that we simply didn’t hear that much about, including Ewan McGregor and Christian Bale. The above six actors are currently the frontrunners, but only three or four of them may end up in the show.

Stick with us for all your True Detective coverage, as we’ll be obsessively keeping track of how the above list evolves.