Today brought some much needed and desired True Detective news, as Colin Farrell Today brought some much needed and desired True Detective news, as Colin Farrell

What kind of detective will Colin Farrell play on True Detective season 2?


Today brought some much needed and desired True Detective news, as Colin Farrell confirmed that he’s in the True Detective Season 2 cast. This means that we finally have some confirmation about the new season of the show moving forward — so rejoice.

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But while we celebrate actual news from the set of True Detective, the next order of business is to figure out what Colin Farrell’s rule is going to be. We know that he’s going to be playing the lead role in the show, but we know nothing more than that. Based on what the show is, we can assume that he’s going to be laying a detective but just what kind is the question.

Traditional Detective

This would see Farrell play a detective much like we saw Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson play last season. In this role, Farrell would be checking into the office, looking at evidence in a dingy room and trying to solve the case in a traditional police procedural way.

There’s nothing wrong with this role, but it seems a little derivative of what we saw in Season 1.

Rouge Detective

We sort of saw this with Matthew McConaughey last season in the latter half of the season when McConaughey tried to solve the Yellow King murders on his own, but what if Farrell played the bit the whole season. He doesn’t have to be drunken weirdo like Rust was, but maybe he’s just going rogue to solve the case.

If the story is story is going to revolve around the occult of the transportation system, then Farrell might have to go rouge as his precinct might be in on it.

Private Detective

This is going to be set in the California area and may be set back in the 1950s, which means we could see Farrell take on a noir private detective role straight out of Chinatown. Just like the Roman Polanski classic, this season of True Detective is going to deal with a premise that revolves around something really weird and not all that edgy but still dangerous.

In Chinatown, something as simple as the water supply was made a driving force behind Jake Gettis trying to solve a crime. The occult of the transportation system — if that’s the plot — falls right in line with this, meaning Farrell playing a 1950s private eye could make sense.

What sort of detective do you think Colin Farrell will play? Sound off in the comments section below and let your opinion be heard.

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