What Can We Expect From a “Less Dark” True Detective?


Now that things are finally starting to pick up for True Detective we can get a better sense of what the next season will look like. Earlier this summer word was going around that the second was season would not be quite as dark as the first. With the casting announcement of Vince Vaughn, those less familiar with True Detective and creator Nic Pizzolato’s writing might think that there are some major tonal shifts incoming.

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While that is most likely not that case, it’s time that we start getting our heads in the right space for the second season. If True Detective’s new outing will be less dark than the first, it would behoove us to go in with tempered expectations. Still high, of course, because we all know what True Detective is capable of, but prepared with the fact that this may be an entirely different beast.

Justin Lin, who is now officially on board for at least the first two episodes, is best known as an action guy. Coupled with the “less dark” comment, we could be looking at something new and surprising. And new and surprising could also mean very good, of course.  Nobody knows what the second season will look until it finally airs in January, but it’s fair (and exciting) to say that it’s not going to be a repeat of the first.