Report: True Detective aiming for January 2015 premiere date


Fans of the hit HBO series True Detective have been waiting for news about the new season of the show and after months of hearing nothing but rumors, there has been an avalanche of news in the last 72 hours.

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After Colin Farrell confirmed himself that he was starring in the new season of the show, today brought the announcement that Vince Vaughn would be joining up as well. In addition to that report, it appears we have an update on the premiere date of the show as fans may not have to wait as long as they thought.

According to Variety, True Detective is aiming for a January 2015 premiere date which is much sooner than the previously reported summer 2015 premiere date Michael Lombardo rolled out with.

"Justin Lin is on board to direct the first two episodes of the eight-episode season. Lensing is set to begin later this fall in California for a January premiere."

It’s still possible that production can get snagged up and the premiere date can be pushed back, but delaying things until the summer now seems like something HBO is wholly uninteresting in doing with True Detective. Cameras are set to start rolling in October though, and unless Farrell got his information wrong about a four to five month shoot, then production isn’t scheduled to end until February.

Then again, True Detective is going to be turning in episodes one at a time, not all at once, meaning the series will likely be filming as the first episodes premiere on HBO this January.

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