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Do We Really Only Have Two More Seasons of True Detective?


Not too long ago, creator and writer Nic Pizzolatto indicated that he could only foresee three seasons total of True Detective if he were to continue his current course. Part of said course being that he be the sole writer on the show, which a large amount of work to take on for a production like this. With season two kicking into production, it’s worth wondering if 2016 may see the final season of True Detective.

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There is something to be said for having a set goal. Some shows tend to go on past their prime, cable and broadcast alike. Just ask fans of Scrubs, or even True Blood. At only five seasons, Breaking Bad was able to tell a compelling story that didn’t overstay its welcome. It’s difficult to keep balance when major success enters the picture.

If True Detective really only lasts three sessions, there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that. Another critically acclaimed HBO series, Rome, only had two seasons under its belt before the end. Pizzolatto is also not the best source of information, as he tends to lose interest if he talks about his work too much.

Would you be okay with True Detective going off the air after three seasons? Right now it’s not something to worry about it, but it’s worth keeping your eye on all the same.