Four New Posters Released for True Detective Season Two


Counter to what has thus far been a rather slow leak of promotional materials for Season 2, four new posters were released this afternoon around 1:10 p.m., shortly before a Q&A released on Medium with Nic Pizzolatto about what kinds of things  viewers can expect to carry over into the new season.

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The four new posters, one each for the new lead cast, were posted on True Detective’s Twitter & Facebook pages together with the group caption, “We get the world we deserve,” which appears to be the tag line for the new season.

Each of the four posters features one of the new leads, shot from the below the eyes. The posters all seem to be suggestive in the ways in which the characters are posed and shot, perhaps hinting at some very basic character dynamics to expect in the coming season. The posters also confirm a 9 P.M. time slot for the new season which starts on June 21st.

With the new season barely more than a month away, it appears as though HBO is trying to drum up excitement after the tight-lipped, quiet nature of the show’s production. Fans can be relieved that the long wait is nearly over.

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