The 5 Best True Detective Costumes this Halloween


In case you somehow missed it, Halloween was this past Saturday. Rolling Stone may consider True Detective a horror show, but it’s never really been a stand-out when it comes to costume ideas. Luckily, True Detective has a group of especially creative fans that are able to make do with very little. Your average police detective isn’t exactly an interesting idea for a costume, but these fans have been able to make it work.

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Today, we bring you the five best True Detective costumes that we saw this Halloween. Spoiler alert: season one’s Rust Cohle is still a very popular option. Season two, luckily, wasn’t exactly left behind in the dust. We would have liked to see some Ani Bezzerides, but such is life.  In another world, you might have been able to dress up as Ian McKellen.

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5. Rust Cohle with “that look”

As we said, Rust Cohle is still a very popular choice for a True Detective costume. While the gentlemen above doesn’t look all that much like Rust, he has the look down for sure, even the wisp of hair in the face. This is a very specific Rust costume — it’s taken from the very beginning of the season, before much of the badness has gone down.

Gotta give some big kudos on the addition of the jacket and cigarette.

4. The “Ray and friends” party

Just like the one before, here we have another specific True Detective costume. This isn’t just regular Ray Velcoro, it’s Ray during the unfortunate raid in “Down Will Come.” That mustache is really something, isn’t it? The costume is also complete with a bag of cocaine. But let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. This could make for some seriously twisted fan-fiction. Here we have Ray and Patrick, out on the town. Someone get on that.

3. Ray “for comparison”


This is our first general costume. That’s obviously Ray, and it’s a costume of how he appears throughout the majority of the season. This fellow was also kind enough to include a shot of Ray as he appears in True Detective for comparison’s sake. Yeah, he pretty much nailed it. You could nitpick here and there, but even the shirt is suitably worn. This stands as the best Ray that we saw all weekend.

2. The Ole’ “Rust and Lang”

Let’s start off by being brutally honest here: this isn’t the best Rust we’ve seen. Paired with not only the Big Hug Mug, however, but also poor Dora Lang, it becomes an instant winner. Check out the Carcosa tattoo on her back for some extra flavor. Altogether it stands as one of the best Halloween showings of both this year and last year.

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1. “The Crow”

You may be wondering why this made the top of our list this year. The number one reason is quite simple — it’s the only Crow Man costume we saw all weekend. Frankly, it’s puzzling. Season two of True Detective offers up a great costume idea, and almost nobody jumps on it. What’s up with that? Because of its surprising originality, we’re willing to overlook the fact that the mask is technically the only item present from the show.