Ian McKellen Doesn’t Watch True Detective, but he Would Consider Being on It


It’s generally considered to be a universal fact that Ian McKellen is fantastic. He’s a fantastic actor, and he’s a fantastic person. This is a well-deserved and hard-earned reputation. That’s why he can’t be slighted for not watching True Detective.

Apparently during the lead-up to True Detective season two, a couple of names that were thrown in the ring by fans (for fun) were Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart.

In an interview with Digital Spy, McKellen is delightful in his glee over being fake-considered for a starring role on True Detective:

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"“God bless you! Who knows. I would consider anything, I’ve got very Catholic tastes. I love pantomime, I’ve had some of my greatest fun playing the Dame. I love sitcom, I’ve enjoyed being in Vicious with Derek Jacobi. I adore Coronation Street and I loved being in it. I adore Shakespeare, ditto.”"

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When it comes to being in True Detective at some point, McKellen leaves all doors open: “I don’t mind, any old thing really. As long as it’s good, and well-written. If it’s not, sorry it won’t be for me.” True Detective would just have to offer up a script that McKellen deems worthy, and then he’d consider joining the show. It’s also safe to assume that it would be a tad more complex than that, but there you have it.

Now someone just needs to get in touch with Patrick Stewart. Those two would be capable of carrying any show. For anyone that hasn’t seen his show, Vicious, fix that. McKellen’s response to the True Detective question is sweet enough to pick up anyone who may have a terrible Friday.

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