Watch this Fan Trailer for True Detective Season Three (Video)


It’s good to start off with the potential bad news; True Detective season three is likely a ways away. Not only has HBO not even publicly renewed the series, but there have been no serious story leaks to speak of. Fortunately for fans, Producer Steve Golin recently let it slip that they were going ahead with True Detective season three. Not that we ever really doubted it.

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Possible due to the long amount of time between the first two seasons, fans haven’t seemed too worried about the potential gap between seasons this time around. That hasn’t stopped them from looking forward. YouTube user alexiabertha and friends put together not only a trailer for True Detective season three, but also character posters.

Check out the trailer:

If this trailer rings any bells, it’s probably because it’s based off a previous teaser trailer for True Detective season three from a while back starring the same actors. This is a fan project that has really grown some legs. The trailer used a variety of sources, including Jake Gyllenhaal from Prisoners, a movie that defiantly proves his credibility for True Detective.

Now check out two of the character posters:

The posters themselves are well done, but the tagline “The sleep of reason produces monsters” may need some work due to its, shall we say, nonsensicalness. Constructive criticism, of course. Really, it’s still too early to expect fans to go crazy over True Detective season three just yet. That’s partially what makes this work so surprising and welcome.

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You can head over to the True Detective Reddit community to see the rest of the posters which includes actors like Tom Hardy and James Franco.