Did a True Detective Producer Just Confirm Season Three?


True Detective is in somewhat of a precarious situation right now. Critically, season two did very poorly. Ratings wise, however, it blew the house down. That’s one of the talking points in an interview with True Detective producer, Steve Golin. Golin is the head of Anonymous Content, the production company behind not only True Detective, but also The Knick, Mr. Robot, and many others.

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Indie Wire was able to get their hands on Golin at the Middleburg Film Festival, where he sat down to talk about his career in the industry. Golin was very candid when it came to discussing True Detective, especially season two. You watch the clip right here, in which Golin calls the scripts of season two “not as good” as the first.

Golin expresses his disappointment with switching to multiple directors, a move that potentially made production of season two easier to handle but may have cost the show some of its identity. As Cary Fukunaga pointed out in a previous interview, the original plan was to have another directior come in and helm the entire season.

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Things don’t get really interring until the very end, however, in which Golin let’s it slip that they’re working on season three. The existence of True Detective season three isn’t exactly a surprise — HBO’s  Michael Lombardo expressed interest in working with Nic Pizzolatto again. Still, neither Pizzolatto nor HBO have said anything about True Detective season three.

Even though it was a forgone conclusion that it would happen, HBO has yet to publicly renew it. It’s unlikely that Golin, the head of the production company behind HBO, wouldn’t know the full story. It’s wise to take this with a grain of a salt, but there’s no strong reason to believe that he misspoke.

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This is the second instance in a recent spat interviews with the crew behind True Detective. John Crowley, the director of two season two episodes, recently talked about enjoying the “hired gun” experience.