Will Colin Farrell Take the Superhero Plunge?


Colin Farrell is rumored to be joining the DC Universe as John Constantine.

We’re fast approaching a point which looking through an actor’s filmography would, more likely than that, reveal a role in a superhero movie. This is now true for Rachel McAdams, and will most likely be true for Matthew McConaughey at some point. And now it may turn out to be true for Colin Farrell as well.

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Besides being a wizard in the upcoming Harry Potter prequel, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Colin Farrell is rumored to be stepping into the role of John Constantine for DC according to Comic Book, and there is some artwork to show what that might look like.. The DC movies haven’t quite kicked off like Marvel, but they’re getting there. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice will really set things in motion, and DC has far-reaching plans much like Marvel.

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Constantine is one of the great anti-heroes, but there have already been unsuccessful attempts to bring the character to the screen. Keanu Reeves starred as Constantine in a film of the same name that, while good, was before the superhero craze and didn’t lead to anything else.

Constantine was most recently played by Matt Ryan on NBC’s Constantine. Unfortunately the show wasn’t given the time to grow and was prematurely canceled. Constantine is a complex character, and Colin Farrell could finally be the actor to nail it.

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If this rumor ends up being true, Colin Farrell could finally do the character the justice he deserves.