Check Out this Incredible Rendering of True Detective’s Frank Semyon (Pic)


This new piece of True Detective fan art goes above and beyond, especially if you’re a Frank fan.

It took some time, but fan art for True Detective’s season two has been slowly starting to come in. But before we get to the specifics, let’s just say this: this image is a huge spoiler. So, you know, spoiler warning and all that. True Detective season two ended several months ago, so to be fair, there’s only so long that we can sympathize with those that haven’t finished it yet.

If you fall into that category, consider yourself fairly warned.

"‘Never Lie Down’ by Justin Lancaster"

So how great is that? We don’t always show off fan art here — sometimes we just send it out to share via Twitter of Facebook. But when we see something incredible, it just has to be written about. The look of pain and desperation of Frank’s face is perfect, as is his waiting companion. The creator has included a short description which you can find above.

Not only is “Never Lie Down” an excellent title for the piece, but it would also work as a description of Frank’s entire philosophy. Or his possible House Words, if you’re that kind of Game of Thrones fanTrue Detective season two deserves some of the criticism it has gotten, but we’d defend Frank’s Death March until the end of time.

That sequence was perfect.

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It only feels right now that we get equally well-done representations of all of the True Detective players. Wouldn’t want to let anyone feel left out, right?