There’s no way that True Detective will Make it to the Emmy’s Next Year


There’s little doubt right now about True Detective’s Emmy chances next year.

We’re fairly far off from hearing official word about the 2016 Emmy race, considering that the 2015 ceremony took place just a few months ago in September. Going by the current climate in award season, however, it’s not looking very good for True Detective. Sometimes it’s good to stay optimistic, but you also have to know when to just give it up.

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After the nominations came in for the SAG and Golden Globe awards, it became obvious that True Detective didn’t stand a chance. Big series are usually nominated at multiple shows, but the fact that True Detective didn’t score a single one is quite telling. It’s a true shame, because there are Emmy-worthy pieces to the season two puzzle that are just going be ignored.

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Even though True Detective has gotten an enormous amount of negative press, there are some that have stuck up for it. Salon, for instance, threw their support behind Rachel McAdams as Ani Bezzerides. They may have thought she was the only bright spot, but that’s still better than nothing.

Both True Detective and Fargo were deemed ineligible for this year’s Emmy’s due to their late air date. It was exciting to think that the two might show up together in 2016, but there’s no reason to think that is going to happen. Fargo will likely go in alone and emerge victorious, which, to be fair, it fully deserves.

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So, award season (stretching all the way to next summer) will be a wash for season two. How about season three?