Pledge Allegiance to True Detective’s House Velcoro (Picture)


True Detective is a highly quotable show, for better or worse. Nic Pizzolatto’s style of writing has a kinetic feel that is sometimes a little too well thought out. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. One quote that True Detective and HBO have gotten behind is “we get the world we deserve,” which is uttered by Ray Velcoro.

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True Detective even used the quote in promotional material for season two leading up the premiere, so it’s become something of a tag-line. It’s been pushed so much that it feels more like a catchphrase even though Ray only ever says it once. A creative fan took that line of thinking a step further, and combined True Detective and Game of Thrones into a delightful poster:

The quote works very well as Ray’s “House Words,” which is a more or less a saying tied to a nobel house in Game of Thrones. Ray’s not actually a good guy, which means he wouldn’t actually be a bad fit for a Game of Thrones character. We wouldn’t mind seeing this on TV or actual posters. Really, it feels like a missed opportunity for HBO. They own both True Detective and Game of Thrones, so what gives?

The only negative thing we could say about this is that Ray is looking a tad on the chubbier side, but considering his alcohol consumption it’s possible that his Game of Thrones version would more of an overweight drunkard.

More of these, please.

Via: Reddit

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