The Walking Dead season 8 premiere date revealed!


A poster for The Walking Dead at San Diego Comic-Con has revealed the premiere date for season 8.

When last we saw our favorite group of zombie apocalypse survivors on The Walking Dead, they were heading into an all out war with one of the best bad guys to ever grace the television screen — Negan.

That was the season 7 finale, and since then, fans have been anxiously awaiting news for when The Walking Dead would return to AMC. Well, wonder no more, as a poster for the show at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con has revealed exactly that. Check it out:

The Walking Dead, Season 8. Photo Credit: Courtesy AMC

As you can see, Rick is facing off against his arch-nemesis Negan, as the two sides fan out across the poster. Rick’s side, including the usual suspects like Carol, Morgan, Daryl, Carl and Michonne, are joined by King Ezekiel and his tiger Shiva from The Kindom, as well as The Hilltop community now being led by Maggie.

Negan’s side is less impressive, as it features Eugene, the leader of The Scavengers — Jadis — and Dwight, who most likely is not with Negan at all, come season 8. However, Negan more than makes up for the lack of individual leaders with sheer brute strength and number…Negan has a lot of people following him.

A poster for the return of Fear the Walking Dead season 3B in September, was also released.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 3B, Photo credit: Courtesy AMC

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 has been the best season of the show, yet, and 3B looks to pick up with all the fast-paced action when the show returns to AMC on September 10.

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Both shows will be the banner carriers for AMC, once the fall gets here. Again, The Walking Dead season 8 returns to AMC on October 22. H/T — IGN.