Marvel debuts new trailer for “The Defenders” at Comic Con


While Comic Con attendants may have been treated to a surprise viewing of the first episode of The Defenders, the rest of the world got another full-length trailer for the much-anticipated series.

With a debut on August 18, The Defenders comes full circle with this final trailer considering the show released its first teaser at SDCC only a year ago.

Unlike the previous trailers, Scott Glenn’s Stick isn’t the main narrator, instead, Sigourney Weaver takes over with her villainous Alexandra drawing the battle lines. Through the glimpses of her character and her voice, Alexandra’s confidence oozes throughout almost every scene. Where she is cool and collected, the group of misfits heroes all have difficulty pulling themselves together to fight for the greater good. Iron Fist, the most naive of the four, is a little surprised that the other three aren’t immediately on board with his plan to become a team.

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Meanwhile, Jessica is still a hungover reluctant vigilante, Matt Murdock has given up his Daredevil persona, and Luke is in a healthy relationship with everyone’s favorite nurse. Despite their hesitations, The Defenders reluctantly unite in order to face off against the villainous Hand and Alexandra.

All of the heroes friends/family members make small appearances as well confirming their part in the mini-series. A terrified Trish Walker (Rachael Walker), a combat ready Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick),  as well as a grieving Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) hugging Karen Page (Deborah  Ann Woll).

While it’s nice to see glimpses of characters from the Marvel world, Elektra makes her triumphant return as well. The Defenders haven’t kept it a secret that Elodie Yung would be reprising her character in the mini-series despite dying in Daredevil season 2, but she isn’t as evil as initially thought. Yes, she looks more bloodthirsty than ever but Elektra seems to have some hesitations about destroying a city which Alexandra quickly attempts to squash.

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The Defenders premieres on Netflix on August 18 with eight episodes which are sure to pack a punch. With many details still being kept under wraps, like who Sigourney Weaver is really playing, the mini-series will most likely surprise and delight fans. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the exciting new Marvel series.