Twin Peaks Spoof: Seth Meyers Hosts Late Night Show In The Red Room


Viewers of Late Night with Seth Meyers were transported to a place both wonderful and strange when they tuned in this week, as the cast and crew vacated Studio 8-G and rocked up to Twin Peaks’ Red Room.

If you have ever wondered what would transpire if David Lynch were to direct a late night television show, then you can wonder no more, as Seth and his team seemingly stumbled upon Glastonbury Grove during their recent night-time excursion.

Now we’re inviting you to take a few steps onto the black-and-white chevron floor to peel back the red velvet drapes and watch the sketch from the wings:

Brimming with nostalgia, the two-minute segment recreates the iconic setting of the Waiting Room from the extra-dimensional Black Lodge, with Seth situated in the leather-bound hot seat, ready to interview his guest, “Laura Palmer.”

Sporting a slicked back hairstyle and a smart black suit, the late night TV host delivers his lines with a deadpan panache while his special guest adopts all of the usual characteristics of an otherworldly inhabitant.

“Laura” sidles up to Seth (who is posing as Dale Cooper’s latest doppelgänger) and whispers in his ear before “The Man From Another Place” shimmies onto our screen to the sound of a smooth jazz tune for the finger-snapping finale.

Photo Credit: NBC

Needless to say, Seth and his writing team are huge fans of the original run of Twin Peaks, along with the 18-episode revival – which premiered on Showtime on May 21 this year.

The limited series has been critically acclaimed, as both critics and fans have praised the Lynchian surrealism and supernatural elements of the slow-motion murder mystery.

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And with a Certified Fresh score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, it is safe to say that television show that we like has come back in style…