Twin Peaks Recap: “The Return Part 14”


With only a few weeks left until the conclusion of the revival, “The Return Part 14,” makes some significant strides in terms of storytelling.

While Twin Peaks doesn’t check in with Dougie, it does see both the Sheriff’s Department and the FBI discover some essential clues in their investigation. Unfortunately, the effect of their hard work isn’t shown in “The Return Part 14,” but after last week’s slow episode, any movement is good. Not to mention, any episode that utilizes Andy as more than just the goofy police deputy is typically a fun hour to spend in the world of Twin Peaks.

At the Sheriff’s Department, the deputies get something right by locking Chad up right away. Considering nothing had been said to establish that there was a long-running investigation into the corrupt cop, the arrest is a bit of a surprise but still nice to see someone as awful Chad have karma catch up with him.

With that out-of-the-way, Hawk, Bobby, Andy, and Sheriff Truman travel to the location  Major Briggs sent them where they found the eyeless woman from earlier in the season. Suddenly, a portal opens in the sky to suck Andy, one of the purest hearts on the show, in where he finds himself in the black and white room with the “Fireman,” from the infamous episode eight.

Smoke rises and once again a projector screen of sorts flashes to life allowing Andy a glimpse of information that he needs. Once he’s released, the group is back at Jack Rabbit’s Palace with no recollection of the events, except for Andy who insists they get the eyeless woman to a safe place because “they” want to hurt her. While the knowledge that Andy gains in “The Return Part 14,” is never explicitly stated, it seems like he may be the one closest to finding Agent Cooper than the rest of the gang now.

However, the Sheriff’s Department is also able to shed some light on the other investigation into Cooper’s disappearance. Returning a phone call from Harry, Agent Cole finds himself on the line with Frank instead who reveals their findings of Laura Palmer’s diary pages. With the realization that there could be two Coopers walking around, Gordon begins to remember a conversation he once had with Phillip Jeffries.

It’s a fun flashback to remind that the prequel movies did set up the foundation for the revival just as much as the original series. However, the wedding ring found in Briggs’ stomach finally reveals its connection to the group once Diane hears the inscription. Janey is her estranged half-sister, which makes Dougie her brother-in-law! Why Cole wasn’t able to just have Diane ID her sister based on a search of Janey Jones’ in the Las Vegas area is a bit of puzzle, however, the Blue Rose group must be only an episode or two away from finding the real Agent Cooper.

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James gets a bit of screen time outside of the Roadhouse in “The Return Part 14” and on his birthday no less! Sitting with a young British coworker before their last delivery, the two chat about life. His coworker shares the story of how he came to the small town to get his life together. Apparently, he too was sucked through a portal where he had a discussion with the “Fireman,” who gave him instructions to buy green gloves at the hardware store. From there, he went to the airport to buy a ticket into Twin Peaks but was shocked to find out that he already had one.

“The Return Part 14,” ends on an extremely weird cliff hanger involving Sarah Palmer at a bar. Personifying the most disgusting form of a toxic male ego, a drunk trucker at the bar accosts the single woman at the bar and attempts to intimidate her once she rejects him. Despite her polite but firm no, he repeats that it’s a “Free Country,” before doing a play on words implying that he could force her to sleep with him. The rude guy then proceeds to insult her sexuality simply because she shows zero interest in him until Sarah finally stands up to confront him.

Picking the wrong widow to harass, Palmer takes her face off to show a creepy emptiness before she bites his neck off. While it’s not clear if Palmer has been taken over by BOB or some other entity, “The Return Part 14,” finally confirms that there is definitely something supernaturally wrong with the widow other than just grief. Has she taken the place of Leland in Twin Peaks? Hasn’t she been through enough?

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There are only four episodes left in the revival and it seems like Lynch is planning to leave a lot of questions unanswered. Thankfully, it seems like the Dougie Jones storyline is nearing the finish line, but it’s sad to think of how little time we’ll get with the real Agent Cooper. Considering he’s the heart and soul of Twin Peaks, here’s hoping the show utilizes his return as much as possible now that “The Return Part 14,” finally brings the end into sight.