Last Week Tonight with John Oliver July 30, 2017 live stream: Watch online


“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” is finally back tonight after a nearly month-long break.

John Oliver has been off the air for four weeks. That means it’s been a month without hearing the Last Week Tonight‘s host latest take on “Stupid Watergate” and the most recent mishaps involving the Trump administration. It also means viewers haven’t gotten any new in-depth segments explaining an under-reported topic since he spotlighted the takeover of local news outlets by the conservative-leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group on Sunday, July 2nd.

We don’t yet know what the new topic will be, but we do know that Last Week Tonight is returning at just the right time so Oliver can help viewers digest what The Guardian described as “the worst week in Trump’s short presidency.”

The week began and ended with two controversial speeches delivered by the president — one at the Boy Scout Jamboree which soon turned into a raucous political youth rally, and another where he seemed to encourage police brutality in front of law enforcement officials. They may have received more attention if not for the other chaotic events that took place in Washington.

Trump’s biggest defeat came when frequent foe John McCain, returning from receiving treatment for brain cancer, helped sink the GOP’s latest Obamacare replacement bill with his decisive vote. A day earlier, with no major legislative achievements to speak of, Trump continued to play to his base by announcing via Twitter that was the banning transgender people from the military. The move surprised the Pentagon, despite the president’s claims that he had consulted with “my generals” before making the decision.

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But it was the hiring of Anthony Scaramucci as WH communications director that may have proved to be the most consequential in terms of news coverage. The financier, who interestingly enough is also producing an HBO movie with Al Pacino as Joe Paterno, immediately made waves when he tore into now-former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Trump adviser Steve Bannon in an expletive-filled interview with a New Yorker reporter that he thought was off the record. Priebus was forced to resign soon after its release, following the failed health care vote.

This follows a pattern of infighting within the White House that starts at the top with Trump, who has taken to blasting his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, for his decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. He even criticized his own Justice Department for not further pursuing the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

On the international front, the Senate overwhelmingly voted to increase sanctions against Russia, which the White House has signaled that the president intends to approve, while North Korea, also a target of the bill, conducted another ballistic missile test that landed 230 miles from Japan.

With all those things going on, it’ll be interesting to see whether Oliver dedicates the majority of Sunday’s Last Week Tonight episode to the chaos engulfing the Republican-controlled Congress and the White House, or if he also delves into other topics.

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Here are the live stream details for tonight’s new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:

Date: Sunday, July 30, 2017

Start Time: 11 PM ET

TV Channel: HBO

Episode #: Season 4, Episode 19

Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2 | Stream 3