The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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15. Littlefinger gets psyched out by Bran

It takes a lot to psyche out Littlefinger, but when Bran comes back, he’s pretty much able to psych out anyone. Littlefinger, who apparently still holds on to everything, comes into Bran’s room with the dagger that was used to try to kill him after he fell from the tower. With Bran still mostly the three eyed raven, and not really attached to what’s going on around him.

Littlefinger tries to spark his interest by telling him that this dagger was basically what started the War of the Five Kingdoms. (But what does Bran care? He’s been North of the Wall the whole time!) Littlefinger then also tries to talk about everything Bran went through to get back through. Bran replies with “chaos is a ladder,” which Littlefinger said to Varys at one point, again, before this all happened. There’s no way Bran could have heard it, so he must have seen it.

Littlefinger quickly leaves as fast as he can to get out of that situation, obviously worried now about Bran. Littlefinger has some plan that has to do with the Stark house and Winterfell. With Bran being able to know things that happened a long time ago, is it possible that he could ruin it all?

This is a good scene because it’s one of the very few times that we see Littlefinger at the other end of being speechless. Littlefinger always has the last word, always knows the right thing to say. But with Bran, there’s no way for him to beat someone that can see the past, present, and future.