The 35 Best Moments from Game of Thrones Season 7

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28. Surrounded

The seven men (hereafter referred to as Suicide Squad), finally kill one wight after a small attack. They send Gendry to get a raven to Dany since he’s the fastest runner. Soon, though the group finds themselves surround on a patch of ice frozen over a lake. The lake is still not frozen enough for people to walk on, so the Suicide Squad stands on a small rock of ice, completely surrounded.

While Gendry finally gets the message to Davos, the suicide squad wake up and realize that Thoros is dead, and therefore Beric has no more ways to come back to life after being resurrected six times. They continue to wait for Dany, and eventually, The Hound starts throwing rocks at the White Walkers. One of the rocks slides across the river, revealing it’s safe to walk across.

As soon as the army of Wights ascends on them, there are many “almost” fatalities. Jorah almost dies, Tormund almost dies, and just when it seems that Dany might be too late, she shows up with all three of her dragons. She fights the wights with Dragonfire, killing most of them.

The Night King himself comes up, getting a javelin of ice, throwing it right into Viserion’s neck. He plunges into the ice, dead. Daenerys has lost her first dragon. This does show the Queen that she isn’t indestructible, and all it takes is the right weapon, and she could lose her dragons.