First look at Alice Eve in Iron Fist season two photos


Little is known about Iron Fist season two, but the Netflix series is looking to improve in its second run.

New set photos finally feature Alice Eve in action as an unknown character. Many fans were quick to believe she could be playing Lady Gorgon but the pictures throw a wrench in that theory. Hero or villain, it looks like she’ll be playing an integral part in this upcoming season.

In the world of Iron Fist, the lines between enemy and ally are thin. Alice Eve appears to be helping Danny in the new photos which make it seem like she’s a friend. With her red hair, she looks a lot like Patsy Walker in Jessica Jones. Based off of her outfit, it seems like she’ll be going undercover with Danny somehow.

On top of the serious photos, new shots had the two goofing around on set. It’s possible that she could be a new love interest or even someone who will affect the other shows. Since Luke Cage is expected to appear in Iron Fist season two, she could be a private eye with a connection to the Harlem Hero.

Her appearance looks eerily similar to the private eye, Dakota North, who has ties to almost all of the Defenders. In the comics, she becomes an investigator for Nelson and Murdock after being referred by Jessica.

While it’s unlikely in the show for her to cross paths with those two, she could still fit in the Iron Fist world. If the series does try to do a Heroes for Hire storyline, then she would fit in well.

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Until more details come out about the next season of Iron Fist, it will be hard to figure out Alice Eve’s identity. The series isn’t expected to debut until after Luke Cage, so it could be a while for fans to find out any news. In the meantime, Jessica Jones is currently streaming on Netflix.