Jessica Jones season 2 premiere recap: “AKA Start at the Beginning”


All of the Marvel series deal with pacing issues and Jessica Jones “AKA Start at the Beginning” is no different.

Yet, the world of Jessica Jones is still filled with alcohol and issues as all of the characters work through their past. There isn’t any real plot happening throughout the premiere, but it’s fun to see the characters again. However, it has been almost three years since the first season so touching base with everyone isn’t the worst decision.

Picking up after The Defenders, Jessica is dealing with a whole onslaught of new customers looking for a superhero. “AKA Start at the Beginning” makes it clear she has zero interest in joining the vigilante business despite her heroic acts. Other than a boom in business, not much else has changed since the end of season one.

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Trish is front and center in the premiere now that she’s still actively investigating IGH. Since the attack by The Hand, she has become a voice for powered people on the radio.

Unfortunately, the people of New York aren’t very interested in heroes other than the Avengers and her ratings are tanking. Desperate to find any sort of lead on the shadow organization, she tries to force Jessica to confront her past. If she makes Dr. Kozlov talk, then the two of them might make some progress.

Of course, Jessica has no intention of facing her family’s death no matter how much Trish tries. The latter isn’t giving up though, and ultimately it feels like she’s going to be the one moving the story forward this season.

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“AKA Start at the Beginning” does begin the process of unloading Jessica’s emotional baggage but it’s just the tip.  When she finally takes the case of a speedster named “Whizzer,” he ends up dying. It seems like every big case Jessica gets ends with someone getting killed in the first episode. As repetitive as it may feel, the door is finally open and the private eye is going to have to face the truth.

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“AKA Start at the Beginning” is a slow but good start to one of the most highly anticipated Netflix series. All of the characters feel just as important as the titular P.I. now and the universe feels cohesive.

One of the biggest complaints about the first season of Jessica Jones was the show ignoring Jessica’s detective skills because she was so caught up with Kilgrave. Now, they’re on full display and it looks like the season already has some mysteries prepared.