Jessica Jones recap: ‘AKA Sole Survivor’


Jessica Jones “AKA Sole Survivor” fluctuates back and forth between incredibly interesting or slow depending on the moment.

It’s worth appreciating the ambitious storytelling of season two by taking its time to develop a story. However, this episode feels like a bit of a drag with subplots that probably could be fast-forwarded through and wouldn’t impact the main storyline whatsoever.

The key aspect to this season which has continued to work is the emphasis on Jessica Jones’ abilities as a detective. Last year, it was overlooked because of the time spent focusing on Kilgrave. “AKA Sole Survivor” allows the audience to see why she gets steady work despite her penchant for drinking and sarcasm.

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After a hypnotherapy session bankrolled by Trish, Jessica remembers a bit more about her origin stories. The main takeaway is the grotesque monster that seems to haunt her memories. However, Jessica is positive it’s just a weird nightmare.

Nevertheless, she tracks down the IGH lab and one of its former doctors in “AKA Sole Survivor.” Unfortunately, Dr. Leslie Hansen has abandoned her rent-controlled apartment and burned all of her belongings in the basement. Jessica grabs the burnt head they discover in the furnace to drop it off at their favorite morgue attendant’s hospital.

While they’re waiting for results, quite a few side storylines are happening. Trish and Griffin are arguing over who gets left behind before the latter ends up asking for space. Their relationship hasn’t been all that interesting, and it would have been more interesting for the series to let Trish be single following the epic demise of her romance with Simpson.

Meanwhile, Jessica Jones is getting pushed out of her apartment by Oscar, who apparently hates superheroes. The stakes don’t feel very high, but her interactions with Vito are adorable enough to continue watching. She coaxes Oscar out of his apartment by clogging her toilet with tampons, and discovers he’s a forger on parole after investigating his home.

Annoyed by the time it’s taking to track down Leslie Hansen, Trish decides to take matters into her own hands. She tries to trick some of her radio callers into giving any information about the missing doctor in hopes of speeding up the process. Instead, Dr. Hansen actually calls in and hopes to meet up with Trish to discuss IGH.

Jessica Jones (rightfully so) guesses it’s a trap and set the paparazzi on her sister to keep her stuck in the apartment. “AKA Sole Survivor” doesn’t try to mask that this is a set-up, and Jessica smells foul play almost immediately.

At the meeting, the mysterious woman (played by Janet McTeer) tries to convince the private eye that her second chance at life is a gift. It doesn’t take long before Jess realizes the woman is not only super strong but also a threat. Meanwhile, Trish gets a call from Maury the morgue attendant confirming the head belongs to the real Dr. Hansen, so she rushes off to warn Jess.

While everyone gets out unscathed, the woman escapes via “jumping” up a rooftop and Trish is photographed alongside Malcolm putting her relationship in jeopardy.

Last year Trish (and Rachael Taylor) was the secret weapon on Jessica Jones. It’s a shame to see her relegated to these boring side plots. Luckily, Jeri Hogarth gets a phenomenal storyline in “AKA Sole Survivor” when her partners try to push her out of the company. Realizing she isn’t going to win in a legal fight against the two, she comes to her favorite detective to help.

It’s humanizing to watch Jeri mournfully ask Jessica for help, and even the private eye knows the request is sincere. Despite the bad blood between the two, she agrees to find some dirt so Jeri can keep her job.

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Jessica Jones is off to a slow start, but “AKA Sole Survivor” is a step in the right direction. Yes, the episode could use some trimming however, the mystery is finally beginning. It’s been fun getting reacquainted with the world and the characters but there needs to be a new focus outside of Trish’s relationship.