Fargo season 4 most likely won’t return in 2019


Sorry Fargo fans, a 2019 return seems unlikely.

After Fargo creator Noah Hawley talked about his plans for season four, it seems the crime anthology may not return to our television screens for quite some time.

Although this news is quite disheartening for Fargo fans, we have to remember that at the very least, we have some sort of information at all. Seeing as how there was no guarantee the series would return, a delay in season four is still welcome news.

Hawley is currently involved in multiple projects including Legion, Doctor Doom movie, and astronaut drama, Pale Blue Dot. However, these aren’t the only thing standing in the way of Fargo’s fourth season.

There is the weather to take into account, especially since Fargo is always set in the winter. Not to mention, the logistics of actually putting all the pieces together.

Hawley shared his thoughts in an interview with The Wrap

"“I think realistically we will certainly be filming it next year. Mostly just because it’s a winter show. You know, I have to write the episodes, then we have to prep it, then we have to film it, which means it’s either this coming winter or next winter. Given my schedule with making a movie and posting a movie this summer, and then gearing up to do more ‘Legion’ assuming we get a pickup. It seems like a long shot that I can launch ‘Fargo’ 4 this winter.”"

If Hawley can begin production early next year, there is always the slight possibility that the tentative date may still be achieved. The long gaps between seasons are not new to the world of Fargo as more than a year passed between the first and second season, and then another sixteen months passed between season two and three.

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All we can say is that the worth is always worth it, and if we aren’t going to see new episodes till 2020, then we will be in for a treat.

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