New Legion ‘Chapter 10’ promo teases more chaos


Legion returned this week for a philosophical but chaotic premiere, but the fun is just beginning.

FX released a new promo for “Chapter 10,” which teases even more mayhem in the next episode. This season is definitely intent on shaking up the status quo for all of the characters. However, one thing remains the same: it’s impossible to tell what’s really happening.

There are a few key takeaways from the minute long video. One of the most interesting is how the orb originated. Cary is tinkering with a device that looks eerily similar and even remarks it sounds like technology he created. This hints at a future partnership between Syd, Cary, and the Shadow King that could break the Summerland group apart.

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Speaking of broken alliances, Ptonomy looks incredibly unhinged in the sneak peek for “Chapter 10.” He already had his suspicions about David throughout the premiere, so there’s a chance something has him on edge. The season-long trailer for Legion already showed that he would get infected by the psychic virus and this could be the start.

“Chapter 9” confirmed the Shadow King’s current goal but the new video throws a wrench in these plans. Lenny is talking to someone, presumably Division 3, about recent events being bad for everyone. Could David’s former friend actually be a separate force from Farouk? The promo opens up the possibility of a shaky alliance forming between the two. However, this could all just be a figment of David’s imagination again.

Can anyone trust David? It’s a big question for Legion season two, and one that will be brought up in “Chapter 10.” The promo has the three female robots (clones?) state the high probability that he is lying to them.

His lies could be tearing apart the government agency from the inside, or he could be the source of the virus. In the short clip, Bird can be seen infected, which means there’s something inside the facility causing everything.

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Viewers should buckle in because the second season is shaping up to be an even wilder ride. The trailer for “Chapter 10,” already hints at more chaos for the series and it’s easy to forget this is only the second episode. Be sure to check out the new episode of Legion this Tuesday on FX.