Legion season two premiere recap: ‘Chapter 9’


Who is lying to who in the season 2 premiere of Legion?

“Chapter 9” has shaken up the status quo with a one-year time jump, leaving everyone wary of the others’ intentions. David was pardoned for his actions last season because of the Shadow King, but now he has no excuse. If he’s lying now, it’s an action he will face consequences for later this season.

The show isn’t interested in handing out any black and white answers though, and the premiere proves that.

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In the opening minutes of “Chapter 9,” Legion establishes that Oliver and the Shadow King are still on the run together. Their relationship doesn’t seem as much of a partnership as David’s was with the latter because Oliver doesn’t even seem aware of their ultimate goal. Farouk is looking for his origin body and dragging along Oliver as his vessel to serve him.

This complicates things a bit for the Summerland group, who want to save their friend but also get rid of the psychic entity. Yet, Bird has succumbed to drug addiction and frustration while she throws her life away in her bedroom.

It seems like without her, there’s no one left to stop Division 3 from killing her husband as collateral damage. She’s become broken down by Oliver’s constant departures and she has to grapple with the knowledge their life will never be the same.

Ptonomy and Cary/Kerry have easily slipped into their new roles at Division 3. The former is the first to show his distrust of David’s recollection of his disappearance. “Chapter 9” leaves it purposefully mysterious whether David actually remembers his missing time and is hiding it or truly forgets.

The audience only gets glimpses of these memories that Ptonomy picks up on but they’re short and fractured. It leaves the door open for a few different possibilities for David’s current mental state throughout the season.

There are two big reunions in “Chapter 9” that show which direction the season is headed. The first is David and Syd, who put aside any lingering uneasiness for a romantic trip to the White Room. While he gives her a compass to always find him, the two have a difficult road ahead. Especially when it’s revealed that Syd from the future sent the orb to snatch David and encourage his partnership with Farouk.

Speaking of the Shadow King, his sort-of reunion with David inspires another great Legion dance number. However, it’s unclear exactly how that relationship will play out over the season. Is David still somewhat possessed or does he genuinely forget the meeting?

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Nonetheless, it seems like David is already racing towards Farouk’s body whether he knows it or not. It will be intriguing to watch which alliances survive the rest of season two.

In the promo for next week, Cary is positive he created the orb which grabbed David last year. It’s possible that this is foreshadowing for the Division 3 team splintering as they take sides. Of them all, he seems like a likely candidate to save Oliver compared to Ptonomy or the other agents.

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It also makes one question whether Farouk is the real bad guy this season. Yes, the people around him keep getting infected by a psychic virus but there’s also a black sludge creeping around. Could something more sinister be lurking the halls of Division 3? Is Farouk trying to return to his old self just so he can escape it?

“Chapter 9” leaves viewers with a lot of questions but it wouldn’t be Legion without it.