Legion recap: ‘Chapter 11’


It was hinted last week on Legion, but ‘Chapter 11’ clarifies where the psychic illness is really originating from.

Luckily, David doesn’t have to start searching for the monk when the latter comes to Division Three on his own. Understandably, this plunges the agency into darkness when everyone except the children become infected.

It does make the monk out to be a formidable foe for both the Shadow King and David, as a man who refuses to bend his own morals despite any pleas.

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With the help of Cary, David embarks on the task of freeing his friends from their own mental “mazes.” He’s concerned for them but for the most part, he’s worried about Syd.

Her future-self has been plaguing his thoughts and trying to get a message to him throughout “Chapter 11.” Unfortunately, to get to her he has to make a few detours into Melanie’s and Ptonomy’s minds.

Both sequences are visually beautiful and represent the greatest desire for both of the characters. Ptonomy remembers everything because of his powers and all he wants is to live in the moment. In his maze, he can’t remember something for more than a second and it’s bliss.

Melanie’s mind is much darker because of the emotional place she’s been in. For so long, she’s been a supporting character in everyone else’s story and she longs to be in charge of her own fate.

Legion “Chapter 11” has David actually use his powers in a pretty interesting way. In previous episodes, the show has limited the number of telepathic powers he actually has. This hour sees him freeing his friends’ minds as well as protecting them from a future infection. Unfortunately, this just informs the monk about who to look for.

He hooks himself up to the androids and demands Division Three give him the weapon to destroy Farouk’s body. Melanie quickly surmises that David is the only one who can do so but the monk doesn’t trust him.

Before the man can reveal David’s deal with the devil, the latter whisks him away to the top of a building. There, the two look into each other’s minds and gain a deeper understanding of their situations.

David quickly understands why the monk is so determined to destroy Farouk, but the monk doesn’t feel the same empathy. As far as he’s concerned, David trying to save his girlfriend shouldn’t interfere with the rest of the world. To prevent the telepath from gleaming any more information out of his head, the monk commits suicide by jumping off the building.

With the clock ticking, the only leads David has to the body are the few memories he managed to feel from the monk. “Chapter 11,” leaves off on the cliffhanger of David entering Syd’s mind which means the hunt for Farouk will have to be postponed.

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However, this hour does bring up Lenny’s burgeoning desire to escape the Shadow King. He clearly has a reason to keep her imprisoned there, but she seems to be slowly joining David’s side. Could Lenny become the key to stopping him? Anything seems possible on Legion.

Legion airs on Tuesday nights on FX at 10 p.m. EST.