Legion recap: ‘Chapter 12’


“Chapter 12” is the Groundhog Day of Legion but it ends up having mixed results.

Almost the entirety of the hour is spent inside Syd’s mind while she relives her childhood. For the most part, the episode is intriguing to watch however it gets a bit tiresome near the end. Perhaps that’s the point because the viewer can connect with David’s frustration over the predicament.

Syd has been such a major focus in David’s life that it’s a bit surprising how little the audience knows about her until Legion “Chapter 12.”

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This episode brings viewers back all the way to the beginning — with her birth, where she still didn’t like to be touched. It’s interesting to see her mother crave to touch her but infant Syd still recoils and sobs at the feeling.

At a quick glance, David surmises that Syd is upset she isn’t able to communicate through touch. She quickly shoots down this theory and forces him to go through the loop all over again.

David then comes back with the idea how Syd wants the intimate love a couple kissing shares, but once again wrong. It’s a recurring theme throughout Legion “Chapter 12,” with all of David’s theories ultimately ending in some sort of emotional desire from Syd.

However, watching the episode and seeing her transform from a mild-mannered child to a rebellious teen highlights some of her darker history. It was revealed last season that she lost her virginity when she switched places with her mother. Watching the scene play out on screen is still disturbing to watch but it also shows how desperate Syd was to experiment.

But what’s even sadder is seeing her mother’s boyfriend get carted off by the police knowing he was taken advantage of. Maybe he would have turned out to be a creep — he did give teenage Syd an uncomfortable wink — but it doesn’t prove he would have taken advantage of her.

Which brings David to the lesson she’s been trying to teach him throughout Legion “Chapter 12.” She isn’t showing him her dark side because she’s afraid he’ll reject her — but for him to understand. Syd isn’t looking for a loving boyfriend right now, she needs someone ready to fight. If they’re really supposed to work with Farouk and go against their friends then empathy can’t get in the way.

It’s a dark lesson, and unfortunately, it’s unclear whether David will be able to ignore his conscious. Even when he was under the control of the Shadow King, he was still sweet and gentle. He sees something endearing about what they have both struggled through while Syd only sees it as life. It definitely introduces some serious struggle in their relationship for the rest of the season.

Yet, this isn’t the only surprise Legion “Chapter 12” gives David. When the two leave Syd’s mind prison, they go to discover Lenny being hauled in by Division Three. Did Farouk give her a new body or is he in control?

Last week showed she might not be as loyal to the Shadow King as others initially thought. Could she be the answer to Division Three’s problems or the bomb sent to destroy the remaining agents?

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With Lenny in custody, it looks like next week is going to have Oliver on the offensive. Based on the promo, this is a much more violent version of the character than audiences met last year. At least Bird might finally get some answers as to where her husband has disappeared to since his last romp in the agency.

Legion airs on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. EST on FX.