Ash vs. Evil Dead finale to mark the end of Ashley Williams


Bad news came last week when Starz officially canceled the fantastic horror-comedy Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Now, the hits continue to come for fans of Ashley Williams and the Evil Dead franchise. Just as fans were starting to gather steam to try to get the show picked up by someone like Netflix, star Bruce Campbell put a squash on it.

Yep, Bruce Campbell has officially put an end to the character that made him a legendary B movie actor. Starz didn’t just kill Ash vs. Evil Dead but they effectively killed the entire franchise … for now.

Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi teased the return of Evil Dead for years, and it was more than two decades between the third movie in the series — Army of Darkness — and the debut of Ash vs. Evil Dead.

However, Campbell did appear in the post-credits of Evil Dead — the remake of the movie that officially set it in the same world as the original franchise. Just because Campbell said he is retired as Ash Williams, it doesn’t mean that there can’t be something else that comes along in the future.

With that said, an Evil Dead franchise without Ash Williams is not the Evil Dead that true fans really love. It is Cambell’s wisecracking and his perfect portrayal of the Chosen One that makes the show such a treat.

Yeah, fans love the new characters of Pablo and Kelly, but it is Ash that drives this franchise and without him, there isn’t a reason to even move on.

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Ash vs. Evil Dead will air its series finale this Sunday on Starz. If you are one of the people who refused to support it by pirating it, I am not talking to you right now. For everyone else, tune in on Starz on Sunday and prove to Bruce Campbell that we do love Ash Williams and his boomstick.