Ash vs. Evil Dead canceled by Starz


In some terrible news, one of the best horror-comedies on television was canceled, as Starz officially said season three will be the final season of Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Star Bruce Campbell has said all season that this is a possibility, and now it has come to fruition. There are two episodes left of Ash vs. Evil Dead and that is likely to be the last time fans will see the characters from this world (via Variety).

Last month, Campbell said that if Starz cancels Ash vs. Evil Dead, that is likely to be the end of Ash Williams. However, he also said before that there is a chance they could keep plugging away with another movie if it is canceled, so there is no telling what happens with the Evil Dead world now.

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For people who have subscribed to Starz just to watch Ash vs. Evil Dead, the April 29 episode of the show is now the series finale, so feel free to cancel your subscription to the premium network following that episode.

Of course, the biggest problem with Ash vs. Evil Dead is that it was one of the most pirated shows on television, and when people pirate and watch it for free, Starz has no reason to continue airing it since they are making no money off it.

The pirates are a big reason that Ash vs. Evil Dead is dying since they didn’t care enough about saving the show to pay the $9.95 a month for Starz network.

This season has taken Ash vs. Evil Dead to some interesting places, with the people possessed by Deadittes actually going to an alternate world. Meanwhile, demons want to come to our world to take over and Ruby has plans of her own.

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With that said, you now have two weeks left to watch the best horror-comedy on television. Ash vs. Evil Dead airs on Starz on Sundays. You can watch it on the Starz app all day or catch it when it airs that night at 9 p.m. EST.