Amazon Renews Jack Ryan for Season 2 Ahead of Season 1 Premiere


Amazon Prime’s upcoming series Jack Ryan is already renewed for a second season before its first season has premiered.

Audiences have yet to see the first season of Amazon Prime’s upcoming show Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. But, according to ScreenRant, the streaming service has a lot of faith in the series — it’s already picked it up for a second season.

The series stars John Krasinski as the title character and is based on the novels by Tom Clancy.

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Jack Ryan has previously been seen on-screen several times. Alec Baldwin first played the CIA analyst in the 1990 film The Hunt for Red October. And Harrison Ford took on the role twice in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.

Then, Ben Affleck, in the Sum of All Fears, and most recently, Chris Pine in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit played younger versions of the character.

That makes Krasinski the fifth actor to portray Clancy’s patriotic protagonist. The series will be the first television adaptation of the books.

According to Amazon’s description, the series will see Ryan being pulled into the field after uncovering some suspicious banking activity. He will travel across Europe and the Middle East trying to prevent a terrorist attack.

Krasinski is having a moment right now. He wrote, directed, and stars in the horror movie, A Quiet Place, which has enjoyed massive box office success and critical acclaim. The early season two renewal of Jack Ryan is more good news for the actor.

The series has a talented behind-the-scenes team as well. Carlton Cuse, from Lost and Bates Motel, and Graham Roland, from Fringe and Almost Human, are co-creators and executive producers.

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Jack Ryan, season 1, will start streaming on Amazon Prime on August 31, making it the perfect Labor Day weekend binge. Season 2’s premiere date hasn’t been announced yet.