No new Game of Thrones book in 2018


It seems George R. R. Martin has the worst case of writer’s block known to man.

George R. R. Martin proclaimed on his blog that he will not release the much-anticipated The Winds of Winter in 2018 and Game of Thrones fans are not happy.

The renowned novelist who wrote the first five installments of the fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire made the announcement in conjunction with the release date of Fire and Blood, a Game of Thrones tie-in novel about the history of Targaryens.

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So, we won’t see The Winds of Winter, a book he’s been working on for nearly seven years, this year. According to ScreenRant, Martin missed several deadlines to hand in the final manuscript.

What gives, George?

You would think he’d be in a bigger hurry to finish the novel since the television show surpassed the novels two seasons ago. And not to mention, Martin planned the seventh novel in the book series after this incomplete one.

Though he admits he’s a slow writer, seven years is an awfully long time to take writing a sixth novel in a series in which the ending you already mapped out.

Many reports suggest that Martin told the Game of Thrones creators his vision for the rest of his epic story in case he died before he finished the novels. But it’s looking like it won’t even matter. If the series ends the way Martin envisioned it, will anyone even care about the rest of the novels?

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Something tells me Game of Thrones fans will still be eager to read the final two books in the series regardless of when they come out.

A word of advice for Martin: maybe a little less tweeting and a bit more writing!