Westworld Season 2 predictions: Episode 2, ‘Reunion’


Last Sunday, Westworld welcomed eager fans back to the park with the premiere episode of its second season and the first glimpse of the bloody aftermath following the host revolution.

“Journey Into Night” introduced expansive new content, deeper insight into Delos Inc., and an important dissection of the hosts’ physicality.

With the season’s second episode, “Reunion,” ready to hit the screen this Sunday, here are a few Westworld Season 2 predictions to consider in the wake of last week’s preview and HBO’s newly-released images for the upcoming episode.

Westworld Season 2: A Bigger Backstory

Young William as featured in HBO’s Westworld Season 2 preview, following the season premiere on 4/22/2018.

The current episode description for “Reunion”  simply states:

"“Why don’t we start at the beginning?”"

Chances are, we’ll be diving deeper into the creation of the park, its hosts, and its history. As seen in the preview following last week’s episode, Young William is back, and so is his brother-in-law, Logan.

Given that Logan was last seen in season one, tied-and-saddled, naked,  riding bareback across the park, we can assume that the season two scenes take place before he and William begin their Westworld adventure, or maybe a few years after.

More Dirt On Delos

John P. Johnson/HBO

Okay, so Delos is in deeply into customizing guest experiences, but perhaps they are making personalization a bit too…personal.

With episode one revealing that Delos logs the DNA and experiences of its guests, using the unregistered, nightmare-inducing Drone Hosts, it’s likely that episode two will explore Delos’ more sinister motives beyond the gruesome, indulgent entertainment of its parks.

Dolores Gets An Upgrade

HBO released new images of Westworld season 2, episode 2, “Reunion.” One of the images shows Dolores in a modern, black dress.

Dolores has ditched her distinct blue frock and petticoat for some seriously modern looks. A sleek black dress and an equally-elegant white one. Despite the two looks calling back to the “white hat vs. black hat” concept of Westworld, the white dress, in particular, resembles those of the hosts programmed to greet guests and prepare them prior to the guests embarking on their respective Westworld experiences.

Perhaps Dolores once had a different role? Or maybe Young William got his wish and was able to take Dolores outside of the park? Either way, we’ll be learning more about Westworld’s original host in episode two.

Maeve And Dolores Meet … Again

New images from HBO’s Westworld season 2 show a meeting between the park’s two most powerful minds in the season’s 2nd episode.

Aside from their brief (and sorta creepy) interaction in season one, Westworld’s two most conscious characters will collide in Sunday’s “Reunion.” Judging by the picture, these bots aren’t besties yet, and this meeting will be more tense than triumphant.

With Dolores’ hand near her holster, and with Teddy already taking aim at Maeve, it’s likely that these two disagree on strategy and the uprising’s endgame. But honestly, having these two on opposite sides is probably best for any humans still alive in the park.

Wyatt Is The Worst Third Wheel


Speaking of disagreements, Westworld’s star-crossed lovers are racing straight for a reality check. Dolores is awake and on the warpath, and Teddy is visibly torn…and maybe not fully free from his programming.

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On the one hand, Teddy is programmed to follow and protect Dolores. On the other, she’s also his arch rival and Westworld’s greatest villain, Wyatt. Needless to say, as season two moves forward, we’ll see Teddy grapple with his love for Dolores and his moral rejection of her violent quest for freedom and vengeance.

Westworld airs on Sunday night at 9 p.m. EST on HBO.