Westworld 02.01 ‘Journey Into Night’ recap


Westworld season two opens two weeks after season one left off, leaving us to fill in the blanks of what happened after the death of Robert Ford and Dolores’s rebellion.

Bernard tells Dolores about a dream he has where he’s on a distant shore opposite her and the others. When she asks what it means, he says it doesn’t mean anything. Dreams aren’t real, what’s real is irreplaceable. He’s frightened of Dolores and what she might become.

After a confused scattering of memory, Bernard awakes on the beach as armed personnel round up and execute escaped hosts. Stubbs and head of operations Karl Strand tell Bernard that most of Delos’s board members were killed on that beach and that communication has been down for two weeks.

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As with last season, there’s going to be some confusion regarding timelines and how events fit together. When they retrieve the video data from a host, they see it was Dolores who killed everyone. What happened in the two weeks between the rebellion and today?

The night of the gala Bernard and Hale are taking cover in a barn with some other guests. They decide to hike to the nearest outpost. It turns out to be a trap, leaving just Hale and Bernard. Hale knows another secret outpost, definitely knows more than she’s saying. Hale calls for help, but Delos wants to find Pete Abernathy (Dolores’s father) before they’ll send an extraction team.

Bernard sets up a search program through the hosts. Bernard seems unwell but stealthily runs some diagnostics on himself, finding that he’s nearing “critical corruption”. He injects himself with fluid from a hosts body while Hale isn’t looking, but somehow I think she knows exactly what’s going on.

Dolores continues her rampage in Sweetwater accompanied by Teddy. She tells the guests that they made her question her reality without ever questioning their own actions. She is of two minds – the rancher’s daughter can see the beauty in them, but “Wyatt” sees the ugliness and disarray.

She leaves them perched atop wooden crosses with nooses hung around their necks, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly style. “Doesn’t look like anything to me,” she says as she rides off. Teddy looks morally perplexed.

Dolores tells Teddy about another world with “people who look and talk like us but who are not us.” She is so human. Teddy asks how they can conquer a world they know nothing about and she says, “Because I remember.” She tells him “it all ends with you and me.”

Meanwhile, William survived the gala. He finds himself a horse and a hat. The “game” is now everything he ever wanted, with real stakes and consequences. He runs into Robert Ford, apparently his consciousness in the guise of the young boy.

Ford tells him now that he’s reached the center of Arnold’s maze he needs to find his way out — that it starts where he ended and ends where he began. William shoots him. He’s sick of his riddles, but maybe it means that it all ends with him along with Teddy and Dolores.

Back at Delos everything is in chaos, hosts running wild and killing their creators. Maeve is back to find a map to her daughter. Lee trades information with Maeve for safe passage out of the building. She picks up Hector and they set off to find her daughter who is at another park.

Back with Bernard, Stubbs, and Strand, they find Ford’s body and a dead Bengal tiger that somehow crossed over from another park. The satellites come back online and they track the rest of the hosts to one location.

It’s a sea that’s not supposed to be there, filled with the bodies of hosts. When Strand asks Bernard if he can tell him what happened here, he says he killed them all. Teddy is among the bodies.

Next week teases a secret purpose behind Delos — that this world is just a speck of dust sitting on a much bigger world. The surface meaning of that is obvious, but what if it goes deeper than just the Delos park worlds?

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What if our reality isn’t what it seems either? Are the hosts really becoming sentient, or is this revolt all just programming? Do they really have a choice in what they’re doing?