American Gods season 2 photo shows Neil Gaiman with the cast


While Starz released the fantastic Ash vs. Evil Dead, fans still have the second season of American Gods to look forward to.

Of course, before canceling Ash vs. Evil Dead, Starz made a questionable decision to refuse the budget that Bryan Fuller wanted to continue to present his vision of the Neil Gaiman-penned story. That caused Fuller to leave, along with actress Kristin Chenoweth and Gillian Anderson.

However, Neil Gaiman seems happy with the new direction of American Gods, as reports indicated that Gaiman was not happy with what Fuller was planning for the second season of the show. Replacing Fuller is showrunner Jesse Alexander and Gaiman himself.

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American Gods released a brand-new photo (seen above) as well as a new behind-the-scenes video of the shoot for the second season of the fantasy series (which you can watch below).

The production photo and video shows that the cast and crew are preparing to shoot the second season of American Gods at the House on the Rock in Wisconsin. As Gaiman said, it is time “to rock” on the new season of the series.

Deadline reports that Gaiman explained that the first season of American Gods was about getting the players to House on the Rock and now it is time to enter the second stage of his story. Gaiman seems excited to be working with Alexander, who he calls an inspired filmmaker.

Gaiman also said that the new season will be darker and more dangerous. Whether it is as impressive as Bryan Fuller’s first season is yet to be seen.

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While season 1 premiered in April, that has come and gone and the show is just now starting its production of season 2, so don’t expect it to show up until very late in 2018, or possibly early 2019.