Legion recap: ‘Chapter 13’


Legion “Chapter 13” focuses on Lenny’s mysterious reappearance, with multiple people trying to get the truth out of her.

However, the episode makes it clear that Lenny’s “truth” might not be the same as the Shadow King’s. While the surprise at the end of the hour doesn’t completely land the emotional shock, it’s still a great episode.

Picking up where last week left off, Lenny is now being interrogated by Division 3. “Chapter 13” allows Aubrey Plaza to return to a manic state rather than her performance as the Shadow King last season.

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It’s a refreshing change of pace that serves as a reminder of why she became the breakout star of Legion. Lenny is unhinged and desperate for answers but still seems to be holding back something. Her desperate pleas to see David feel fake until the two finally get in a room together.

When the old friends reunite, there’s a history there that can’t be denied. David pretends to slip back into old patterns to gain her trust but it’s clear that Lenny is truly back. She isn’t sure if she’s working for Farouk anymore, or even how she came to be. Ptonomy can see she has all her old memories back but it still causes his illness to take hold.

Speaking of the psychic illness, it hasn’t disappeared despite the monk dying. While he might have been the cause of the monk dying, there’s something more sinister lurking the halls of Division 3. Legion “Chapter 13” once again features the tiny black creature which creeps into Ptonomy’s ear at night. Could he be working for the Shadow King or is this something else entirely?

Peeking inside Lenny’s brain, David gets the answer to his question but it’s one he probably doesn’t want to know. When one of his sister’s childhood memories slips in with Lenny’s, he begins to dig deeper.

Turns out, Oliver and Farouk found her location by following a donut truck her husband works for. Amy finally returns this season, only to endure the torture of swapping bodies with Lenny.

Dan Stevens perfectly plays David’s grief, but Amy has been missing so long from Legion it’s hard to totally care. Most viewers would happily make the swap of Amy for Lenny if it means keeping Aubrey Plaza around longer.

That’s not a knock against Katie Aselton, who is fantastic in her scenes, but a reminder about how underdeveloped Amy actually is. She rarely showed up last season, and David didn’t even ask about her when he finally returned in the premiere.

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Legion “Chapter 13” makes it clear that Farouk is declaring war on David, not Division 3. It’s interesting considering last season he was more than willing to have a partnership between the two. Yet, things might not be as easy as Farouk thinks.

Oliver is fighting the Shadow King’s hold on him, and even promises Farouk that he will kill him. The Shadow King has made this fight personal, and neither David or Oliver will rest until they get rid of him for good.

Legion airs every Tuesday night on FX at 10 p.m. EST.