Legion season 2 is getting an extra episode


In a shocking twist, FX has announced that Legion will get an extra episode for season two.

It comes as a bit of a surprise, considering the show’s low ratings and typical ten-episode seasons. However, it once again solidifies the network’s desire to put forth critically acclaimed broadcasting even if it’s not a ratings’ hit.

This season’s storyline has been unfolding slowly, and it makes sense for Legion to need an extra hour to wrap things up. Three episodes in, and there are already so many questions left to be answered.

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While it’s unlikely the season will end with everything getting a satisfying conclusion, there are definitely too many things left open-ended right now.

Hopefully, the extra episode will also give some of the supporting cast members a chance to shine. Legion just reintroduced David’s sister, Amy, in last night’s episode and most fans can agree that character needs more developed. Also missing quite a bit from these past few episodes is Melanie Bird, who has been grieving the loss of her husband.

In a surprising twist though, FX will not point out which episode will be the additional one in this season. That leaves fans guessing what hour wasn’t originally planned to air in the original ten episodes.

All of the episodes are titled “Chapter” with a corresponding number and have extremely vague synopsis’s. It should make the challenge of finding the new episode even harder for fans to pinpoint.

Oddly enough, this season of Legion has worked better as individual stories rather than one cohesive plot. Each week has sent David on his own mission, which largely excludes a lot of the supporting cast. Whether it’s tracking down Future Syd, breaking his friends out of their mind mazes, or interrogating Lenny, the show has definitely slowed down the pace.

However, an extra episode could also be a bad thing for the heroes. Could Farouk’s latest war last longer than expected? He’s been set up as a pretty big foe and undoubtedly is desperate to take down David.

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Considering his latest attack is more personal than ever, it isn’t hard to imagine this extra episode could spell doom for Division 3. Nevertheless, Legion fans will probably just be excited to get another hour of the genre-bending series.