The Rain Episode 7 Recap: Don’t Talk to Strangers


In the previous episode, almost all of the survivors were exposed to the rain, which they thought was still deadly. However, only Beatrice died. The next morning in “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, Patrick, the only one who stayed dry, was abducted by someone in the woods.

The Rain‘s seventh episode, “Don’t Talk to Strangers,” picks up right after Patrick is taken away. He is sitting in a truck. He’s been roughed up.

A man comes in and tells Patrick they know there were more people with him. They want him to tell them where the others are. When Patrick doesn’t spill the beans, the man begins to extract one of his teeth.

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In the bunker, Lea and Simone have discovered that Martin kicked Patrick out. Martin insists he had to do it, but Simone defends Patrick. She insists he wasn’t himself when he pushed her into the rain.

They are interrupted by banging and shouting at the bunker door. It’s Rasmus carrying Beatrice’s body. Rasmus is in denial. He thinks they can still help her. Both Martin and Simone avoid coming into contact with the body as Rasmus carries it into the bunker.

Rasmus refuses to leave Beatrice in “Don’t Talk to Strangers” so they quarantine him with the body. Rasmus can’t understand why the others won’t help Beatrice.

Simone tries to reason with Rasmus, but he denies Beatrice is dead. He tells Simone to leave him alone. When Simone is gone, he kisses Beatrice and says he’ll see her soon. He leaves the bunker, grabbing the walkie-talkie the survivors took from the Strangers’ vehicle in episode 4.

In the truck with the Stranger, Patrick has started to talk. He tells the man the group is at the Apollon bunker and that Simone can access them.

The Stranger flashes back to an orientation at Apollon. The company is sending him and others out to the quarantined area to look for a cure. They will not be allowed to leave the area until one is found.

In “Don’t Talk to Strangers” Rasmus returns to the house where he spent the night with Beatrice. He uses the walkie-talkie to alert the Strangers to his location.

Patrick recognizes Rasmus’s voice over the walkie-talkie. He tells the Strangers that Rasmus shouldn’t be alive—he was carrying someone who was infected. The Strangers have a moment of realization. They may have finally found who they’ve been looking for.


Simone goes in search of Rasmus. She uses the heat-reading drone to find him but sees he’s with a number of other people.

When the Strangers find Rasmus, they ask him to verify Patrick’s story about carrying Beatrice. But Rasmus is inconsolable and barely responds. He says he just wants to die. When one of the Strangers tries to stand him up, Rasmus collapses.

When Rasmus regains consciousness, the Strangers’ leader questions him again. He asks how Beatrice was infected. Rasmus isn’t sure

The Stranger asks if they came into contact with any animals. Animals can carry the virus, but it doesn’t make them ill. Rasmus tells him that a dog licked both their faces.  It’s the dog that Patrick kept Martin from shooting in the previous episode.

Lea convinces a grieving Martin to have a funeral for Beatrice. Lea eulogizes Beatrice and she, Martin, and SImone—who has returned from her search for Rasmus—bury her in the woods.

Afterward, Simone tells the others that the Strangers have Rasmus. They agree to go save him.

Simone, Martin, and Lea capture a Stranger who is keeping watch outside the house. They question him. He tells them they not only have Rasmus but they have Patrick too.

Martin uses the captured Stranger’s walkie-talkie to radio the leader. Martin offers to exchange the Stranger for Rasmus. But the leader of the Strangers knows he can’t give Rasmus back.

Martin locks the captured stranger in a room in the bunker. But the Stranger tells Martin the rest of his team will never agree to release Rasmus—he might be immune.

Martin takes this new information to Simone. Simone is shocked, and Martin dismisses the Stranger’s claim. Martin reassures Simone that they’ll get Rasmus back. Simone urges Martin to forgive Patrick.

The next day. Martin radios the Strangers again. The leader says that Rasmus came to them and that they all ultimately want the same thing. Simone takes the walkie-talkie and tries to address Rasmus directly. But Rasmus will only say he doesn’t want to be there anymore and refuses to talk to Simone further.

Simone tells the leader to meet her in the forest. When he gets there, Simone demands her brother back. But the leader won’t give him up. For one, Rasmus is sick from painkiller withdrawal, and for another, if he’s immune he could bring the years’ long nightmare of the viral rain to an end.

Simone asks how they’ll determine if he’s immune. The leader says they’ll inject him with the virus. But Simone says she won’t let that happen.

Martin and Lea approach with the Stranger they captured.  They threaten to inject the Stranger with the virus if the leader doesn’t release Rasmus. Simone counts to three but before they can kill the Stranger, the leader has Rasmus brought out.

Rasmus is exchanged for the captured Stranger but Rasmus protests. He wants to go with the Strangers. When Simone yells at him, he grabs the syringe of the virus and quickly injects himself.

Rasmus passes out but he shows none of the signs of infection that others have. After a few seconds, Rasmus slowly wakes up. He’s disappointed to discover he’s still alive.

“Don’t Talk to Strangers” confirms it—Rasmus is immune to the virus.

At the house, Patrick is still tied up. Martin frees Patrick and Patrick apologizes.

The Strangers are going to take Rasmus to Apollon where they will try to use him to make an antidote to the virus. Simone and the others go with him.

Before they leave in “Don’t Talk to Strangers”, the Stranger the group captured earlier kisses Rasmus’ forehead and thanks him for saving them all. When the Stranger pulls away, it looks like Rasmus has a small wound on his forehead.

The truck carrying the survivors speeds away, while the captured Stranger stays behind. All of the sudden, the Stranger convulses and dies from the viral infection.

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Maybe Rasmus isn’t going to save everyone after all…

Hopefully, we’ll get some answers in the next episode, the no-doubt harrowing season finale of The Rain. Come back to Show Snob for our recap. And stream the whole series right now on Netflix.