Jennifer Love Hewitt cast in season two of 9-1-1


Jennifer Love Hewitt will replace Connie Britton in season two of 9-1-1!

For fans of Fox’s hit series 9-1-1, the season one finale left us in tears as we bid farewell to Connie Britton’s character, Abby. Whether or not she will ever return to the show’s narrative, is yet to be seen. But in the meantime, 9-1-1 has found a replacement in Jennifer Love Hewitt!

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Yes, that’s right! She will be joining season two as a series regular. Hewitt will play a 9-1-1 operator named Maddie, and by the way, also be playing the role of Buck’s sister. Yes, the same Buck we spent the entire first season drooling over.

Britton had only signed a deal for one season (why, though!) but Ryan Murphy remains hopeful that she will come back as a guest star in future episodes. However, she has just taken on a big role in Bravo’s series Dirty John, so it may not be a reality any time soon.

"“We’re in the process of renegotiating her deal so she can come in and do a couple of episodes to keep her character alive. She really loves the cast and crew and she’s very hopeful that can happen.”"

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Uh, we’re hoping so too, Ryan Murphy! It appears that season two will not just revolve around one 9-1-1 operator as the first season did, and Murphy hopes to rope in some big stars to fill in those roles. Perhaps we will see some of his favorites grace the story of 9-1-1 including Evan Peters or Sarah Paulson!

Hewitt is best known for role in Party of Five and CBS’ Ghost Whisperer. However, she recently had an arc on Criminal Minds where she got to showcase a new character.

What are your thoughts on Hewitt joining the cast? Yay or nay? Share your comments below!

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