13 Takeaways from 13 Reasons Why: ‘Two Kissing Girls’


Each day, you will get a recap of one episode from the second season of 13 Reasons Why.

Here’s our recap of the second episode of the second season of 13 Reasons Why.

1. Hannah is real, sort of.
It looks like ghost Hannah isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Clay definitely sees her and can talk to her, but no one else can. For argument’s sake, let’s pretend she’s real for now. Hannah prods Clay to find more out about the Polaroid, convincing him it has to be connected to her trial.

2. There’s a pattern, like the tapes.
Now it’s clear that each episode of this season will call a different student to the stand during Hannah’s trial. During the last episode, it was Tyler. This episode, it was Courtney’s turn. Courtney, who has two dads, is still in the closet.

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3. Courtney is forced to come out.
It was awful to watch. No one should be forced to come out. The defense attorney’s line of questioning tried to position Hannah as a lesbian, somehow justifying the school not doing anything. But instead, Courtney deemed Hannah a good friend for being kind to her. It forced her to come of out the closet.

4. Clay is still in love with Hannah
After another failed attempt at sex with Skye, Clay admits he likes Skye, but that he can’t forget about Hannah. It definitely doesn’t help that Hannah is sitting in his bedroom with them. Skye is upset, and she storms off. By the time Clay reaches her house, she’s being taken away in an ambulance. Skye’s mom says that she’s “sick.” Then, Hannah comments about Clay being into complicated girls, which makes Clay scream in her face – it’s warranted at that moment.

5. Something is up with the Bakers
Well, besides the obvious. Mr. Baker is gone, and Olivia Baker mentions a few times about her being in her house alone. So, where did he go? What happened to his pharmacy? Olivia and Tony eat junk food and chat in there at one point in the show, but who’s running the store?

6. Olivia’s “friend” moves in
Olivia’s new friend, Jackie, is the only adult supporting her (that she’s not paying). Even though Olivia’s lawyer warned her about these types of people since she’s an anti-bullying advocate. Jackie moves from a hotel into the Baker house. She found the blood-covered dress Olivia wore the night of Hannah’s death in a drawer and washed it for Olivia, in which she had a major meltdown. That dress was the only thing she had left of her daughter. We know Jackie’s daughter also died from suicide, but where is the rest of her family? Something doesn’t seem right.

7. Jessica is not alright.
She’s about to go on the stand and is increasingly growing anxious in this episode of 13 Reasons Why. Even though she seems fine on the outside, on the inside, she’s screaming for help. It broke my heart when her mother asked her if she’d like to try sleeping in her own bed instead of on her parents’ bedroom floor. To make matters worse, someone is threatening her to keep her mouth shut. And when Mr. Porter tries to help her, some random girl named Nina steps in to “save” her. Is she in on it? Who the hell is this girl?

8. We now know the rumor.
Bryce’s new girlfriend, Chloe, who is also the captain of the cheerleading team, seems to be a nice girl. She made Jess a flier on the squad (meaning she goes up in lifts for those non-cheer folk) and seems like she’s genuinely concerned about Jess’ well-being. Chloe also tells Jess it’s totes fine about what happened between her and Bryce because it was before her time. She says it’s O.K. that she cried rape because she was embarrassed about cheating on Justin. Poor Jess. Bryce is a garbage person.

9. Tyler wants to stay at Liberty for some reason.
The peeping tom is no longer allowed to photograph girl sports because of his testimony during the trial. But when his dad suggests he change schools, he says no for some reason. Could it have something to do with his new friend, Cyrus, he met in Mr. Porter’s A.S.S class, or maybe the ammunition he has hiding in his room?

10. Tony has anger issues.
Tony is definitely hiding something. He’s angry about something. His boyfriend, Brad, broke up with him because of the “high school drama.” But I think it’s more than that. He also has a probation office. Excuse me?! Seriously, is Tony leading a double life?

11. No one will give Alex what he wants.
Sure, Zach gives him rides and physical therapy help, but what Alex really wants is the tapes. He has to testify, and he wants the tapes to jog his memory. And to make matters worse, someone is harassing him, too. Is it me, or is 13 Reasons Why becoming like Pretty Little Liars 2.0?

12. Sheri is back.
After her brief hiatus from school, the mostly sweet Sheri is back at Liberty. Mr. Porter offers her more counseling as she adjusts to life back at school, and she’s nasty back to him. It’s very out of character for her.

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13. Zach is everyone’s punching bag.
No matter what Zach does, he literally can’t please anyone. He did a lousy thing to Hannah, but I believe he’s a good person deep down, not like his jock friends. I hope things get better for him.

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