Outlander casts five characters across season four’s dual timelines


The premiere of Outlander’s season 4 is still half a year away, but thankfully we have a handful of new actors coming on board to evaluate while we wait.

This season will see the adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s Drums of Autumn. No doubt fans of the books will recognize most of these new characters additions. As is often the case with both the Outlander books and TV series, the plot will take place in two juxtaposed time periods.

The 18th-century timeline is set in North Carolina, not far from the shores of Georgia where Claire and Jamie washed up at the end of Season 3. This is where we will meet the first three of the newly casted characters.

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The first is the beloved Billy Boyd, who will be playing North Carolina lawyer Gerald Forbes. The actor famous for starring as Pippin in The Lord of the Rings will be taking on the biggest television role in his career. Outside of several one to two episode guest starring roles, Billy’s only substantial presence in television has been 2008’s Empty.

Next up is Tim Downie, taking on the real historical figure of William Tyron, the governor of North Carolina. Downie is known for roles in The King’s Speech, Paddington and 2017’s Netflix original film War Machine. Governor Tyron was known for his cruel policies during the American Revolution. The character doesn’t play a significantly large role in the plot of the book, outside of a single dinner sequence.

Natalie Simpson was cast to play Phaedre, Jocasta’s maid, and seamstress. Outside of stage plays and short films, Simpson doesn’t have much experience in television but will be appearing in BBC’s six part mini-series adaptation of Les Miserables.

In the 20th century timeline, actress Simona Brown will portray Gayle, Brianna’s best friend, and college roommate. Brown has recently been seen in Guilt, A&E’s adaptation of Roots, The Night Manager and The Casual Vacancy as well as a current voice actress for Kiss Me First.

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Finally, recently graduated drama actress Caitlin O’Ryan has been cast as Elizabeth (Lizzie) Wemyss Beardsley, a 23-year old Scottish woman. She will serve as a companion of Brianna in the latter part of season four.

Hopefully, these new casting updates can help fans to survive #droughtlander until the new season airs in November.

Source: Entertainment Weekly