Jessica Jones season three production expected to begin soon


Krysten Ritter reveals Jessica Jones season three production begins soon.

At Comicpalooza, Ritter confirmed she’s already begun a training regime to prepare for the upcoming season of Jessica Jones. ComicBook managed to get all of her quotes from the panel, where’s talks a bit about the new season.

"“I’m training, boxing, all of that. Pumping iron… You have to get yourself physically prepared to do the stunts, but also our schedule’s crazy. We work long hours, sometimes we work overnight. I found that when I start off in really good shape, I feel better and I can keep up with the schedule.”"

It’s unclear what new threat Jessica will face next, but it sounds like she’ll be doing more fighting. She isn’t the only one, with Trish bound to also join the fray a bit more. Season two set up Trish to embrace her alter ego from the comics, Hellcat, which could give Jessica a sidekick. However, the two sisters left things on pretty bad terms so a fight sequence could be between Jess and Trish instead.

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However, Ritter would like to see her snarky private eye take a different approach next year. She spent the past two seasons dealing with her emotional trauma and deserves a bit of a break.

"“I don’t think it’s gonna be like sunshine and rainbows for Jessica Jones anytime soon. But I’d love to see her – even if it’s a small step – step into her potential.“"

Jessica Jones ended last season with the titular character finally letting someone in. She might have lost her mother, Malcolm, and Trish, but she gained a new family with Oscar and Vido. Perhaps their influence will see her begin to adopt a better attitude.

"“Maybe we’ll get to see her be a bit of a hero, maybe we get to see her move forward in a more positive way. Maybe we see her hating herself less.”"

Vido spent most of season two obsessed with superheroes, most notably Captain America. Jessica will never don her signature “Jewel” costume or a cape, but she could become a positive figure in New York.

Even though production will begin soon for Jessica Jones, there’s still no news about a potential storyline. The second season destroyed most of the relationships between characters, and it will be interesting to see how they are resolved. Unlike the other Marvel/Netflix series, this is the only one which feels like a character study. This season, in particular, didn’t even have a central villain but focused on the heroes’ own ambitions.

While fan reception has been positive towards season two, many would like to see the relationship between Jess and Trish repaired. The latter had a pretty disastrous fall-from-grace and ended up alone. Variety reported at Netflix’s FYSEE panel, Ritter spoke a bit about their conflict from this season.

"“I’ve built so much of my performance around that deep love Jessica has for Trish, so it sucks that they had to go their separate ways. But I think it’s going to be an amazing kind of challenge, and I’m dying to see what Jessica does next. So many times you have to look back and face some stuff in order to move forward in your life. She’s done that now.”Next: 15 greatest HBO series of all time"

The most exciting part of Jessica Jones beginning production for season three is the potential premiere date. Fans had to wait almost three years between season one and two. With no planned encore for The Defenders, Marvel’s favorite P.I. will get to come back early.