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In an epic The Americans series finale, we bid farewell to the Russian spy drama that captured our hearts and had us on the edge of our seats for the last six years. You will be missed.

Wow, The Americans has come to an end, and it is so hard to believe that the story we’ve been watching for the last six years tied up all loose ends–well, sort of. The series finale was epic, thrilling, and heartbreaking and pretty much all we could have asked for.

They did a phenomenal job wrapping up the story that they’ve so carefully crafted over the years, and I have to say I was not disappointed in the least bit. From start to finish, everything about the series finale was absolutely perfect.

After getting Philip’s distress call, we last saw Elizabeth packing the necessary supplies to meet Philip and get the hell out of Dodge er DC as fast as possible. Of course, this is easier said than done, because it involves switching cars, wearing disguises, and picking up Paige–who has been along for the Russian spy ride all season.

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It was sort of odd how, over the years, we have sided with Elizabeth and Philip, despite their crimes and actions. And even in the final moments, we had with them, we really just wanted them to have a happily ever after. But alas the beauty of The Americans series finale was just that, it wasn’t quite the happy ending anyone would have wanted.

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In their rushed attempt to escape to Russia, Elizabeth and Philip decide they are going to leave Henry behind. If we take a moment to let this sink in, the heaviness of this decision really weighs us down. It’s extremely tragic to think about them leaving him behind, but we agree it was the right thing to do. But still, no Henry? Sigh.

The investigation back at the FBI heats up as Aderholt interviews Father Andrei about the “mysterious man” aka Philip that he was with. At first, he resists telling him anything at all. But with some threats about the church, Father Andrei reveals all he knows–including Philip and Elizabeth’s Russian names and a description to help create their sketches.

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At this point, Stan is all but convinced that the Jennings truly are Russian spies, and he dips out of his stake out to go monitor Paige’s apartment. He knows they are not at work and not at home, so the next stop would have to be to see her. And lo and behold, he was right!

He spots them going in and out of the apartment building, and in a shocking turn of events, actually confronts them in the garage. I have to say this moment between Matthew Rhys and Noah Emmerich is so intriguing and dramatic and it is exactly like we would have wanted and have imagined this confrontation to be like.

It is such a relief that this moment is given the time it deserves because it was such a pivotal moment that has been building up for years, and the execution was flawless. Stan expresses his anger and disbelief over learning their true identities, and while he initially plans on stopping them, he lets them go. Yup, he actually lets them go!

But as they’re leaving Paige asks him to watch over Henry and Philip’s final words to him are to pay close attention to Renee–because she might be one of them. Oh snaps, The Americans, you really satisfied all of our questions, didn’t you?

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The series finale had some epic music and often times, it was the only sound that played out during some heavy scenes. There is a lot riding on if Stan allowed Oleg’s message to get to Gorbachev because it would determine how the Jennings are received in Russia.

Elizabeth, Philip, and Paige make their way to Canada and burn their belongings along the way as they change into their disguises. Despite the initial reluctance, they decide to call Henry for the very last time to hear his voice. They aren’t telling him anything, and hearing them say goodbye in this manner is so gut-wrenching to watch.

Back at the FBI, Aderholt shows the sketches that were created based on Father Andrei’s descriptions, and of course, they match Philip and Elizabeth perfectly. At this point, Stan has let them go, and instead of doing much about the investigation, he goes to visit Henry and tell him the truth about his family. Poor Henry, the kid never did anything wrong.

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And if we thought the emotional moments were coming to a halt, we were oh so wrong. After a group of U.S. Marshals come on the train to check the IDs of every passenger while on their search of the Jennings, we are faced with an unexpected twist–Paige got off the train.

It is so quick and fleeting that we couldn’t process the horror of the moment until Elizabeth saw Paige standing on the platform. She may have never been built for the life she was headed for–and perhaps she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her brother behind. Whatever the case, it was absolutely heartbreaking.

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And after so many modes of transportation, Philip and Elizabeth reach home. It appears all is well and they are not being flagged as traitors when they are allowed to go past the checkpoint safely. They meet Arkady and set off to begin their new life–a life without their children in a home they haven’t lived in for years.

Philip has Arkady stop for a moment alongside the road, and as he looks out to the city, he and Elizabeth talk about what could have been and what it is now. They are confident that their children will be okay–and that they too will get used to this life.

Sigh, The Americans we will miss you. Please come back with a spin-off, we really need one.

Thanks for joining us for the final season of The Americans