American Gods casting news: New Media, Mr. Town and Sam Black Crow cast


Despite showrunner Bryan Fuller leaving the series, American Gods casting is underway as it prepares for its second season.

When Bryan Fuller left American Gods, it seemed like very bad news. As evidenced from Pushing Daisies and Hannibal, Fuller was likely 100-percent responsible for the amazing look of American Gods.

However, as Fuller has also proved in recent years, he is not someone who will stick around a show for long. He left American Gods when Starz wouldn’t pay more for production of season two of the series. When Fuller left, both Gillian Anderson and Kristen Chenoweth followed.

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There is no word on Chenoweth at this time. However, the new production team, who are working closely with author Neil Gaiman to bring his story to the small screen, has revealed how they plan to replace Gillian Anderson.

While Anderson played Media in season 1 of the series, they plan to change the character in season 2 to “social media” — and as the new Gods exist in this world, they can change who plays the character and by changing what it is all about, help to ease the move to a new character.

The original rumors indicated that American Gods was casting a 20-something Asian woman to play the new Media. Deadline reports that Kahyun Kim (Shameless) will portray Media, an interesting move as the relatively unknown young actress will replace a very well-known and respected Gillian Anderson.

She wasn’t the only new American Gods casting news either.

Also joining the eight-episode second season of American Gods is Dean Winters (Divorce) as Mr. Town and Devery Jacobs (The Order) as Sam Black Crow.

Mr. Town is one of the Spooks who is tasked with getting information from Shadow (Ricky Whittle) about Wednesday’s (Ian McShane) plan. Remember those faceless guys who beat the heck out of Shadow in season 1? Those are the Spooks, and they word for Mr. World (Crispin Glover).

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Sam Black Crow plays a minor character in the book — a hitchhiker that Shadow picks up and gives a ride. She ends up in danger when the New Gods come looking for Shadow.

American Gods will return sometime in 2019.