When does This Is Us season 3 premiere?


NBC has finally confirmed a return date for season 3 of their hit drama, This Is Us.

It’s time to start preparing emotionally for another season of This Is Us because the series will be back this fall. NBC has announced the series will be back on September 25 with some new stories to tell. With a new mystery to keep fans guessing this year, the hit series will definitely have some new surprises to share.

The biggest thing everyone was talking about following the second season finale was the mysterious “her”. In a flash forward, Randall and Tess talk about this woman with the latter seeming anxious about the meeting. Fans have already started speculating with a lot of theories hitting the internet. While Susan Kelechi Watson has shot down some of the more morbid ideas about her character, there are still plenty of opportunities to explore.

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However, she did confirm season 3 of This Is Us would explore more about Beth. Hopefully, this means more of the supporting characters will get flashbacks outside of the immediate Pearson family.

All of the women on the series seem like they’re going to get more screen time. In an interview with Variety, Mandy Moore and Dan Fogelman confirmed they’ll continue seeing different timelines for Rebecca. Now that the series has revealed Jack’s death, it can show more scenes of her as a single mother.

Just because Jack’s dead don’t expect to see Milo Ventimiglia leaving This Is Us anytime soon. When speaking with Entertainment Weekly, he confirmed the show will spend some time with Jack in Vietnam. Considering the series just introduced a brother for Jack and sent Kevin on a spiritual expedition to become closer to his father, this makes sense.

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What else is in store for This Is Us season 3? Probably a lot of laughs, tears, and tissues like the previous seasons. However, the series is ramping up towards a conclusion, because Fogelman did confirm they have filmed scenes for the series finale.

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