This Is Us reveals Beth’s fate and more season 3 news


Does Beth survive season 3 of This Is Us? The actress addresses all of this dark rumors surrounding her character.

This Is Us returns this fall with a new mystery to uncover. In the finale, the series introduced a mysterious “her” who played an important part of Future Randall’s and Tess’ life. Fans were quick to assume the worst fate for fan-favorite Beth, but Susan Kelechi Watson has decided to clear things up.

During an interview with Hollywood Reporter, Watson discussed some of the popular theories circulating Beth. She reassured fans that she won’t be going anywhere, whether it’s divorce or death. Nonetheless, even the rumors had her a little bit worried about what could happen to Beth in the fall.

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"“I remember seeing stuff coming out online where people were saying, ‘We didn’t see a wedding ring on Randall’s finger,’ and, ‘He’s talking to Tess about something. Is it Beth? Is she gonna die? We’re not having it if Beth goes!’ So I watched the episode. I said, ‘What is happening here!?’ Because [the script] didn’t say all that.”"

Naturally, she approached series creator Dan Fogelman to try and sniff out some potential clues.

"“But articles kept coming out and I thought, ‘Oh, we have no intention of killing Beth, as far as I know.’ So I was with Dan [Fogelman] and I said, ‘Dan — wasn’t that funny, they think we’re killing Beth. Right, Dan? That’s so funny?'”"

Thankfully, Fogelman was quick to put her mind at ease and confirmed they had no intention of killing her off. He did admit that he found the massive amounts of theories amusing. Honestly, This Is Us has a massive fan base and it’s probably flattering to see so many people invested.

"“No, we’re not going to. Sue, it’s hilarious.'”"

Like a few of the other actors, Watson admits she does have an idea of who “her” is. But don’t expect her to hand out the answer any time soon, especially because there might be multiple women who fit the bill.

"“I know a bit more [that time has passed]. They did some — in true This Is Us form — multiple ending kind of things. There are options so that we can kind of do whatever we wanted to, when the time comes. It’s a little up in the air.”"

In the sit-down, she also teased a little more about what’s to come in season three. Beth’s and Randall’s marriage is going to see some difficulties now that they’re working together. Not to mention, they have an extra mouth to feed who might be a handful for the two parents. Luckily, This Is Us isn’t planning a divorce between the couple, but there might be some more fights like in “Vegas, Baby”.

The series is also planning on exploring Beth’s back story. These past two seasons have spent a lot of time showing the Pearson’s through the years. However, This Is Us hasn’t really shown what the other characters have gone through.

"“I want to see her family. I want to see their faces, and I want to see what they’re like because I know so much about the Pearson side. I want to see what that side of the family is and where she came from because she’s interesting to me. She’s different from me in so many ways. None of my life as Susan resembles Beth’s, but I feel like there is something about where she came from that I’m familiar with.”"

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Fans will undoubtedly be happy to see more of Beth in season three as well as what she was like before Randall. The series hasn’t really explored Kevin’s and Randall’s days early in their marriage, which seems like an interesting time period for them both. Luckily, confirmation Beth won’t be dying anytime soon in This Is Us means there’s plenty of time to see more of her.

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