Watch a Walking Dead ‘best of’ marathon before Preacher season 3 premiere


Fans who feel like The Walking Dead is not as good as it used to be has a huge opportunity to remember the good ole’ days this Sunday.

The Preacher season 3 premiere, “Angelville,” airs on Sunday night, June 24, at 10 p.m. EST. Before that premiere, AMC will have a “best-of” Walking Dead marathon for fans to binge watch all day on Sunday.

The marathon will pull episodes from the entire series, starting at season 1 and including some episodes from season 7 as the most recent.

The marathon will take place over six weeks and will lead into the new Preacher episodes each week.  This Sunday’s best-of theme is one that a lot of fans might find very fun to watch — Best of the Dixon Brothers.

Of course, this means Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon, and that should bring back a lot of memories from the early days of The Walking Dead. The episodes for this first week’s Walking Dead best-of marathon are as follows:

  • S1E2 – Guts (first appearance of Dixons)
  • S1E3 – Tell it to the Frogs (Daryl tries to save Merle)
  • S2E5 – Chupacabra (Daryl searches for Sophia)
  • S3E8 – Made to Suffer (Daryl learns Merle is alive)
  • S3E9 – The Suicide King (Daryl and Merle join up again)
  • S3E10 – Home (Daryl and Merle protect the survivors)
  • S3E15 – This Sorrowful Life (Merle betrays the Governor)
  • S4E12 – Still (Daryl and Beth at the cabin)
  • S6E6 – Always Accountable (Daryl meets Dwight)
  • S7E3 – The Cell (Daryl is captured by the Saviors)

Following this Sunday, the Walking Dead marathon will go through July 29. The weeks that follow includes:

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Each week, The Walking Dead marathons begin at 11 a.m. EST and end at 10 p.m. EST just in time for the latest episodes of Preacher to hit the air.