Fear The Walking Dead Season 4: The positives and negatives

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Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

There’s plenty to love about the first half of Fear The Walking Dead’s Season 4. There’s also plenty to dislike.

The first half of Fear The Walking Dead season 4 is officially in the books. We lost Nick. We lost Madison. There are two originals from season 1 left. The handful of remaining characters are demoralized and on the road again but at least they seem to be on the same page for once.

The back half of Season 4 looks to be quite different from what we’ve seen already (please, oh please, no more convoluted time jumping!)

Until then, let’s go over some positives and negatives for what we’ve seen so far.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones, Garret Dillahunt as John, Maggie Grace as Althea – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 4, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC

POSITIVE — The New Characters

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Fear took a one-year time jump from the last time we saw the Clark family and friend (Strand). Everyone survived the dam incident at the end of season 3, with the exception of possibly Daniel Salazar. No mention’s been made of him on the show.

Nick also relocated Luci, somehow, but the show didn’t really care to delve too far into the past. There was a lot of jumping around through time, so even more flashbacks would be too much. Instead, Fear The Walking Dead focused heavily on a new storyline.

Perhaps the biggest plus of the first half of season 4 had to be the new characters. We were introduced to a gunslinger with a heart of gold, John Dorie (Garrett Dillahunt).  S.W.A.T. van driving and obsessive journalist wannabe, Althea (Maggie Grace). Sketchy, flighty, former nurse, Naomi… or Laura… or June (Jenna Elfman). Hope they stick with June since that’s John’s favorite month, and so us fans don’t have to guess anymore.

I enjoyed these new additions and I’m glad they all made it out alive, too. John is a huge fan favorite, Al still has plenty of stories to be told, and June’s mysteriousness definitely kept viewers on their toes during the first eight episodes.

Also have to mention Morgan (Lennie James), who has been a welcome inclusion to the show. I like tranquil, kindhearted, moral Morgan opposed to the crazed, hallucinating Morgan.

I did enjoy Mel (Kevin Zegers), the leader of the Vultures — until Alicia brutally murdered him. Maybe people (including me) will come around to Charlie, but for now, I’m sure there’s still plenty of hard feelings against her for, you know, killing a fan favorite.

It’s the new characters that make me most excited to tune in to the future of Fear.